For over 20 years, Outlaw J.R. James ruled the squared circle of most independent promotions through out the Southeastern United States as well as some midwest states starting in the early 1980's thru

Though semi-retired from full-time wrestling since 2008, the "Outlaw" and his wrestling antics are easily remembered.   Any true-tried wrestling fan in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North or South Carolina , Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and especially in Florida will remember J.R. James. 

Not considered a "fan" favorite because of his rule breaking ways, the
Outlaw captured several World, National, Regional and State
Championships during his pro-wrestling career. Competing in many
different territorial promotions at the time, No matter where James went,
it wasn't long before he was in the main event. From the Fort Homer
Hesterly Armory or Sun Dome in Tampa, The Knight Center in Miami,
Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale, the Coliseum in Birmingham,
Alabama, The Omni in Atlanta, the Eddie Graham Sports Complex in
Orlando, The Forum in Richmond, Virginia, and countless other venues
throughout the Southeast U.S. he was usually defending a title he had
won, usually by questionable means.

But none the less, there is no denying that James was certainly a thorn
in the side of many wrestlers during his career, and the local crowds in
whatever town or city James defended his many titles hated him, always
booing and certainly not making the Outlaw feel welcome in their City.
The crowds always cheered their local favorite going up against the
Outlaw and hoped their "local" boy would make a name for themselves
that night by pinning J.R. for the three count and gaining a win over
the Outlaw.

In fact, the Outlaw was hardly ever without championship gold during
his career. No matter what territory or promotion, wherever he competed,
it was just a matter of time before he started collecting whatever State and
Regional Championship title belts were held in the promotion. This was always
J.R.'s goal, no matter what it took. It was with this tenacity to win, sometimes
at any cost that earned him a favorable rating with several pro-wrestling
governing bodies, such as the National Wrestling Alliance, The Independent Pro-Wrestling Alliance, the Universal Wrestling Federation as well as others. This favorable ranking and James ability to anger local wrestling fans in whatever city he was in, which translated into "sold" tickets at the arenas catapulted him to the top of these organizations rankings. The Outlaw was in demand, which gave him the ability to request and get top dollar and billing where ever he wrestled. Lavish travel, limousines, hotels, you name it.

In 1993 and 1994, at the pinnacle of his wrestling career, J.R. was consistently ranked in the top 100 Pro-Wrestlers in the country. In the July 1994 issue of Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, James was prominently pictured on the cover of the nationally sold magazine and ranked number 37 that year. He was pictured with some of the industries biggest names...Ric Flair, Brett Hart, the Undertaker and others. Good company as far as the wrestling business is concerned.

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